Waxoline history

Earl’s Road Site in Scotland

WAXOLINE® story goes back to the early nineteenth century to the renowned Earl’s Road Site in Grangemouth (Scotland), developed and changed over the last 90 years.
In 1920, was discovered the first homogeneous green vat dyestuff, called:

“Caledon Jade Green”.

The production of this dye started in the new chemical plant at Grangemouth, but the Caledon dyes were insoluble in water and a few years after, they develop processes to make solubilized range of dyestuffs, converting the Caledon dyes into a soluble form in water that could be dyed in textile fibers, oil, waxes, and Petroleum.

Those products were, in effect, ready – solubilized and most of them came under the trade name of Waxoline.

After all its years of history and a great reputation in the sector, in 2018 KADION acquired Waxoline™ and registered it as its own soluble colorant mask for coloring plastics with high heat fastness.
Waxoline, provides brilliant colors on transparent polymers. Mainly for amorphous thermoplastics such as PS, PC, PMMA and PET. High purity, grades with the suffix FW are recommended for food packaging or toy applications.