New HCB Regulation: Waxoline Red YP FW

This December a restrictive regulation towards the HCB starts in Europe. Using and intentionally making HCB is no longer allowed in the United States and know is restricted in Europe, where the European Commission has determined the presence of hexachlorobenzene as an impurity in some substances, mixtures, or articles, including chlorinated solvents, coatings, inks, paints and toners, pesticides, textile and wood applications, as well as plastics.

December 13th 2022 was the effective date for Regulation (EU) 2022/2291, amending Regulation (EU) 2019/1021 on persistent organic pollutants (POP Recast Regulation). This regulation has imposed an unintentional trace contaminant (UTC) limit value of 10 mg/kg for Hexachlorobenzene (HCB CAS 118-74-1) in substances, mixtures or articles. HCB impurities were previously considered to be out of scope of this regulation and now substances, mixtures and articles containing HCB above this level will no longer be permitted for use.

Amongst many others, Solvent Red 135 is one of the potentially relevant products affected by this regulatory change and we are happy and proud to confirm that HCB level present in Waxoline Red YP FWN (SR135) is well below the threshold defined so is fully compliant with this regulation amendment.

What is hexachlorobenzene?

Hexachlorobenzene, also known as HCB, is a white crystal-looking solid.  It is not found naturally in the environment but is developed as a by-product, a result of making other chemicals.

What is Hexachlorobenzene used for?

This chemical was mostly used as a pesticide to protect against fungus but nowadays is mainly used to make fireworks, ammunition, plastics, and synthetic rubber.


Our product WAXOLINE™ Red YP FWN does have a compliant level of HCB for this new regulation, containing below  10 ppm based on tests that are done.

Furthermore, HCB is NOT used in the manufacture of the mentioned product and not

intentionally added.

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